My Inspiration


Thirty days ago, I felt a nudge in my heart to take a break and give up something that I really loved and was important to me.  Nope it wasn’t chocolate or coffee, it was the time I was spending on social media.  I was on a family vacation in the keys over July 4th and caught myself over and over again looking on Instagram and Facebook at what others were doing, while my beautiful family, including my most adorable and energetic 21 month old grandchild, was making memories around me.

My first instinct…ignore the nudge.

A few days passed, I continued to snap adorable pictures of our vacation, posted them, and continued to get caught up in what others were doing.

The nudge became stronger. So strong it was becoming impossible to ignore.

So I started asking myself the obvious. Why did I absolutely have to share what I was doing with my social media friends and family? Why did I always obsess over getting the perfect picture to post? Why was watching what others were doing and more importantly, watching what others were saying about me, so much more intriguing than the life happening right in front of me?

I prayed and asked God to show me why obeying His prompting was so important. (So stupid of me to even ask God that, obedience is always better than sacrifice.)  It took a few days and I finally decided to obey and remove all social media apps from my mobile devices. I made a vow to give my family my undivided attention for 30 days in honor of my husband and our upcoming 30th wedding anniversary.

Wasn’t easy. Gonna be honest, I even cheated a few times. Got on my computer to post a couple things for church and scrolled here and there to peak in on your lives.  What can I say, I really missed you!

But for the most part I spent 30 days watching this wonderful thing called life.  Not through a small screen, but up close and personal, and it was amazing. God and my family had my full attention.  So what did I learn?  So much!  But I’m gonna have to leave that for future posts…hope you tune in!

So what distraction is God asking you to remove from your life?  I encourage you today to be obedient, put that thing aside, and watch Him show you what really does matter.