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Thirty days ago, I felt a nudge in my heart to take a break and give up something that I really loved and was important to me.  Nope it wasn’t chocolate or coffee, it was the time I was spending on social media.  I was on a family vacation in the keys over July 4th and caught myself over and over again looking on Instagram and Facebook at what others were doing, while my beautiful family, including my most adorable and energetic 21 month old grandchild, was making memories around me.

My first instinct…ignore the nudge.

A few days passed, I continued to snap adorable pictures of our vacation, posted them, and continued to get caught up in what others were doing.

The nudge became stronger. So strong it was becoming impossible to ignore.

So I started asking myself the obvious. Why did I absolutely have to share what I was doing with my social media friends and family? Why did I always obsess over getting the perfect picture to post? Why was watching what others were doing and more importantly, watching what others were saying about me, so much more intriguing than the life happening right in front of me?

I prayed and asked God to show me why obeying His prompting was so important. (So stupid of me to even ask God that, obedience is always better than sacrifice.)  It took a few days and I finally decided to obey and remove all social media apps from my mobile devices. I made a vow to give my family my undivided attention for 30 days in honor of my husband and our upcoming 30th wedding anniversary.

Wasn’t easy. Gonna be honest, I even cheated a few times. Got on my computer to post a couple things for church and scrolled here and there to peak in on your lives.  What can I say, I really missed you!

But for the most part I spent 30 days watching this wonderful thing called life.  Not through a small screen, but up close and personal, and it was amazing. God and my family had my full attention.  So what did I learn?  So much!  But I’m gonna have to leave that for future posts…hope you tune in!

So what distraction is God asking you to remove from your life?  I encourage you today to be obedient, put that thing aside, and watch Him show you what really does matter.



11 thoughts on “My Inspiration

  1. Mory, I had already felt the need to take this same kind of social media hiatus just a few days ago, as I could feel the stress and ‘obligation’ to stay connected begin to affect my mental state. While obviously we use these tools for God and for positive goals, they can become a trap for us rather than a means to an end. Thanks for confirming that the ‘nudge’ is worth following. See you in real life (and not on Instagram for at least a week.)


  2. This is so inspiring Mory. I too did the same thing when we arrived to Texas. But I wasn’t as brave as you to do it for 30 days. Its incredible how much you miss out when you’re stuck to social media. Its hard, because we love our Facebook family too, but this blog reminds of how much more important my family that is right in front of me truly is. Thank you for sharing your journey with us and for a friendly reminder to give time to the Lord and our loved ones before playing on our smart phones.


  3. You are absolutely right Mory!!! And it is difficult to do. I just started using Facebook about a year ago but I also feel I spend to much time looking at my phone. I don’t usually look at it during the week as much because if work but I do on weekends. The great part for me was being to find old friends and reconnect with them. And to pray for those who are in need but I feel that we have to find a better balance. We cannot sacrifice our time with God and family to be on the phone. Thank you for sharing and giving us food for thought.


  4. Living in the moment is really hard for me too. I have to be intentional about putting down my phone so that I don’t miss what’s happening around me. Great post Mory. Looking forward to your next blogs.


  5. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. Your transparency is encouraging and inspiring. Thank you for the challenge to myself of what are my distractions.

    Love you!


  6. Wow! My husband and I were just having a conversation about this last night. How social media causes distraction in our lives, and doesn’t truly allow to enjoy the life your living. I say reading this blog this morning is definitely a big nudge from God! Thank you for your obedience and sharing Mory. Another reason why I’ve always admired you as a woman in my life!

    Love you!


  7. I loved the blog Mrs. Mory. It was really great. We get so caught up on social media that we forget sometimes to appreciate the memories that we are making right in front of our eyes.


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